Friday, April 6, 2018

Is New Jersey becoming the "NEW" New York?

      As gentrification invades New York City many people are being forced to relocate. I mean who really wants to pay $2,000 for a one bedroom apartment, living in a building without an elevator? Not me. Keep in mind that $2,000 is the minimum for rent depending on your location. Rent in New York City can go as high as $94,000. But that's for the more luxurious folk. The common middle class family who's accustomed to paying $2,000 for rent have or may experience a 100% increase in their rent. Fortunately and Unfortunately there's a state with the exact first name but is just located over the Hudson River. You guessed it, New Jersey. Unfortunately and fortunately New Yorkers are so loyal to there state that they don't even know what New Jersey is. Even though their beloved team the New York Giants play there. New Jersey is about 15 minutes away by train depending on your destination. New Yorkers rarely leave New York, until now. As property owners and government officials make a push towards making NYC a tourist state they're directly and indirectly pushing their residents out. I mean who wants to pay $4,000 for a one bedroom apartment that was once $1,500? Besides these one bedroom apartments usually have uninvited roommates (roaches and rats), no backyard to enjoy cookouts or relaxation time. But in New Jersey one can easily acquire a whole home paying $2,000 with a backyard less traffic better supermarkets and less people. So I understand why people from New Yorkers are abandoning their homes and discovering New Jersey. be continued.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AGA the Creative Outlet.

I hardly ever write on this blog but I'll accept this as an exception. So I'm very fortunate to be apart of AGA the Creative Outlet, a team which comprises of young creative minds who assist in branding anything with potential. The team's first product is Apparel and it falls under the Sportswear. It's a  Cannabis Camo Cup Jersey. The shirt falls under Ars Gratia Artis the Creative Outlet Brand, but we say AGA for short. There are many  reasons why, the Designer Will Cisco, Joe Spiff and myself chose a Cannabis Camo to be our first product. (I didn't mention this earlier but in case you don't know what Ars Gratia Artis is simply latin and it means Art for Art's Sake) but here's some reasons why we chose the Cannabis Camo Soccer Jersey. Cannabis creates all types of meaningful dialogue such as worldly discussions on different uses of Cannabis from Medicinal purposes to how businesses and different states and municipalities create capital regarding both Legality and Illegality of Cannabis throughout the U.S. This idea of Legality and Illegality then sheds light on the War on Drugs/Blacks and I can go on and on about Cannabis and societies different takes on it but Again it's Ars Gratia Artis it's just Art for Art's Sake.

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